“The virus will come and go, yet discrimination will always remain” was the phrase we took as the starting point for our debate. The quote was taken from a viral video circulating on social media, in which an Italian woman described her country’s current situation.

Starting from this notion, we invited people to join us for a virtual discussion on the issues of discrimination and others. It would appear that the way to overcome this pandemic is to take responsibility for the actions of others. We believe that the way to eliminate discrimination is to do the same.

During our virtual encounter, we discussed these ideas and were surprised by the level of participation, interest, and thoughtful reflections. We had found thoughtful people who were interested and anxious to debate, learn, teach, and ask themselves how to make this world a better place for today and the future.

In a region like Latin America, where crises like this often have complex effects on social and economic wellbeing, the people who participated in this event took time out of their day to talk to one another, despite their own personal economic, work, home and family situations.

We realized that we are much more connected than what we had previously thought and that many of us had asked ourselves the same questions about responsibility. Wars, pandemics, and humanitarian catastrophes show us that we rely on others not only to survive but to live.

Virtual spaces, like those we are forced to create in this current crisis, are an ideal place to exchange ideas and continue the fight for more equal, just, and diverse societies that fight against all forms of discrimination.

About: Encontrarse en la Diversidad was created in 2007 in response to the lack of awareness about discrimination in Argentina. It aims at establishing mechanisms for effective education on these issues. The organization works with youth, offering spaces for reflection on how diversity enriches society, making visible day-to-day practices that reinforce discrimination, and providing tools to recognize and dismantle such practices.

Organization: Encontrarse en la Diversidad
Country: Argentina
UNAOC Programme: Intercultural Innovation Award  
Year: 2017
Website: https://enladiversidad.org.ar/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/encontrarse.en.la.diversidad/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fundencontrarse/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fundencontrarse

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